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Thursday, April 27, 2006



i've been hooked on them as of late. apparently, recent studies suggest that eating 1.5 ounces of pistachios a day helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

trout fishin' in western pa.

since i got behind on updating my blog each time i went fishing, and most of my posts ended up being about fishing, i figured i'd condense it all to this one section which i could update. if you want more information than i'm giving or want to know where someplace is, just leave a comment.


04-01-06, 10:00 am – 2:30 pm: Pine Creek, Shaler , Pa.
No fish caught. Water was low. Temp in the 50’s with light rain. Used a stonefly nymph. About 9 other people in a ¼ mile section of creek.

04-03-06, 12:00pm – 4:00pm: Slipper Rock Creek, McConnell’s Mills State Park
No fish caught. Water was low. Temp in 60’s with clear weather then heavy rain and thunderstorms, then clear weather. Used nymphs. About 6 other people in fly fishing only section.

04-08-06, 7:00am – 9:00am: Slippery Rock Creek, McConnell’s Mills State Park
1 Brook Trout Caught – about 7 inches. Water was high and muddy. Temp in 40’s. Used streamer. 1 other person.

04-14-06, 12:00pm – 5:00pm: Slippery Rock Creek, McConnell’s Mills State Park
No fish caught. Water was high. Temp in 60’s with clear weather. Used nymphs, got some hits. About 6 other people in fly fishing only section.

04-17-06, 2:00pm – 4:30pm: Slippery Rock Creek, McConnell’s Mills State Park
No fish caught. Water was low. Temp in 70’s with clear weather. Used dry flies then nymphs. Got some hits on a caddis nymph. Saw some carp, but didn’t bother. About 8 other people in fly fishing only section.

04-21-06, 4:30-6:00: Traverse Creek, Raccoon Creek State Park
No fish caught, got some rises. Saw a 9 inch brook, but spooked when I had to get my fly out of a tree and stumbled in over my waders. Temp in 60’s with some humidity, then heavy thunderstorms and I left. Used a light Hendrickson. Saw 2 other people.

04-29-06, 1:00-3:30: Little Beaver Creek, Enon Valley
No fish caught. Water was really low, didn't even see any evidence of fish in holes. Used a light hendrickson. steep banks and alot of brush made fly fishing difficult. very pituresqu creek, though.

04-29-06, 4:00-6:30: Litte Beaver Creek, Darlinton
No fish caught. did alot of wading, water was shallow. found a nice whole and got some hits, but after sinking into some really deep mud and then losing a fly in a tree, i decided to call it a day. continues to use light hendrickson.

05-01-06, 4:30-6:30: Little Beaver Creek, Darlington
Skipped the long amount of wading and went right to the hole i was at yesterday. used light hendrickson. my fly was hit multiple times, but i could not set the hook. need to work on that.

05-02-06, 4:30-6:00: Little Beaver Creek, Darlington
Went to yesterday's hole. it was raining heavily so i used an olive wooly bugger. no luck. got really wet.

05-06-06, 12:30-5:30: Cross Creek Lake, Cross Creek County Park
Got out my canoe for the season. Ended up fishing for bass. Caught a 14inch largemouth on a red sneaky pete popper. very nice lake. lots of good nooks and wildlife.

05-10-06, 4:45-6:45: Traverse Creek, Racoon Creek State Park.
Caught 3 creek chubs, about 4 inches long. Used a light hendrikson. got some hits, saw a big trout under a tree, but by the time i found an angle to try and cast near him, i must have spoojked because he just sat there thinking i didnt see him. i almost walked over and tryed to pick him up but the water was fairly deep. he annoyed me. stupid fish. also of note, i almost got attacked by a nesting goose who i didnt see until i heard hissing about three feet from my ear on the bak behind me. only saw 2 other people fishing. a man successfully cathcing chubs and his son pulling in some small trout.

05-12-06, 4:45-7:45: Traverse Creek, Racoon Creek State Park
Once again, I was successful in catching creek chub on a light hendrickson fly. FOund some really nice holes, with some really big fish in them, that I couldnt seem to get to bite. On my way down, I used a muddler minnow. I fought with an played what I think was a small mouth three times until it funally took my fly, and left me to try and get its attention with a wooly bugger. no success. thank goodness for those little chubs or i wouldnt have any luck at all.

05-19-06, 11:00-4:00: Oil Creek, Oil Creek State Park
Water was high and cold and it rained a bit. A few hits late in the day on a light cahill. no luck with anything else. got very wet.

05-20-06, 10:30-4:30: Oil Creek, Oil Creek State Park
Caught an 8 inch brown trout on a black wooly bugger. Got some hits on a light cahill. water was nice.

05-23-06, 5:30-7:30: Traverse Creek, Racoon Creek State Park
Went back to the whole I found on 05-12. The water was a little bit lower. Caught 7 sunfish of some kind, between 4 and 9 inches. I think they might be smallmouth, but the coloring was more green and blue. Was using a sulpher. I kinda got annoyed at the little bass, because I saw 3 or 4 nice, big trout, but couldnt really get them to do anything besides swim up to and check out the fly. And then a little bass would go at it. Regardless, I caught seven and it was entertaining and hot.

06-03-06, 7:00-9:00: Little Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Township
So I took my younger brother trout fishing and all we did was anger some beavers. I also lost a fly in a tree and he lost a spinner under a log in deep water. The water was a good level, but really muddy. nice morning, although i didnt see anything or get any hits. He said he saw a nice sized trout, while sitting in a tree, but didnt have any luck at getting him to bite.

06-08-06: Racoon Creek Park
Didn't catch nothin.

06-14-06: Ohio River, Beaver
Caught a 16 inch carp on a worm. Not really fishing for trout. Just wasting time with my brother. had some real good beef jerky.

06-18-06: Little Beaver Creek, Darlington
Went with my brother. Didnt catch anything. The water was low and it was hot. There may be no fish left in this spot. Whatever. Good times.

07-10-06, 5:00: Beaver Falls
Went to the chiropractor behind my office because my neck was in alot of pain and he was the only one that could get me in today. they took x-rays and did this cool comnputer test on my back. the little meter bars near my neck on the computer screen were red and very long, indicating that i was not making up my pain. then the chiropractor did something to my neck. then my head was attached to a machine which i was told is called traction and it felt good.

07-11-06, 9:00: Beaver Falls
Went back to the chiropractor. I have a pinched nerve and an inflamed disc. He wantsa to see me every day for a week and then three times a week for two and then another determination will be made. They increased the traction and did something called ultrasound on me.

07-12-06, 4:30: Beaver Falls
Atthe chiropractor again. Traction went up to 5 pounds and ultrasound felt good. i am in less pain than i was in last week before i started and i was in alot of pain.

07-13-06, 11:30: Beaver Falls
Read an interesting article on batteries in Time magazine while in the waiting room of the chiropractor. Got an adjustment, some traction and some ultrasound. TOday it was not painful to drive.

07-14-06, 5:00: Beaver Falls
Read about genocide and civil war in Africa while in the waiting room. it kinda made my pain not really all that painful. the trip to the chiropractor today was spent thinking about third world countried while people did things to my neck/ shoulder area. Also bought new chest waders after my appointment.

07-15-06, 8:30: Beaver Falls
Woke up early on a Saturday to go so the doctor. I would have been awake anyway. Was in and out and had the day to enjoy.

07-17-06, 12:00: Beaver Falls
Snap, Crackle, Pop

07-19-06: Beaver Falls
Started to read about how our economy isnt as bad as the reports say it is. Still not buying it. Gas is almost $3 a gallon again. The physical therapist told me about how Mario Lemieux used to be a smoker. Also learned abouyt how higher oxygenated blood can help your muscles heal faster. Quick adjustment.

Monday, April 03, 2006

winding country roads . . . of our soul

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i was going to write something profound to post with this picture, but i couldn't really think of anything applicable. i do recommend that you make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and put on some glenn miller . . .