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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

trout fishin' in western pa. part 2

as april draws nigh, so does the beginning of trout fishing in western pa. throughout the commonwealth, anglers are picking out flies and brushing up on their knot tying skills. as trout season draws nigh, so does "trout fishin' in western pa. part 2" on joshua's blog. unfortunately it won't be so this year. due to the fact that last year my running log of fishing expeditions turned into a running log of visits to the chiropractor, i decided to put this section to rest. it is also being laid to rest because i'm lazy and don't feel like updating my blog every other day. (my current pace is roughly once every few months.) i rarely turn my computer on every day. pictures may be put up, if i feel so inclined, but in parting, i'll leave with this excerpt from Trout Fishing in America, by Richard Brautigan:
It was not an outhouse resting upon the imagination:
It was reality.
An eleven-inch rainbow trout was killed. Its life taken forever from the waters of the earth, by giving it a drink of port wine.
It is against the natural order of death for a trout to die by having a drink of port wine.


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