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Thursday, December 14, 2006

au revoir, ma cherie


good bye, stacey
sappy poetry for my ex-car

you were brown
i wore you down

once you were hot
but i rode you ragged

you lost your rear view mirror
i had mr smith screw it back on with a 3/8 inch bolt

when i let you alone
they hit you with force
when i was in you
they did the same
i did nothing...

over hills and down dirt paths we rode
thats why i tore through wheel bearings
that is what i am told

we met when you were merely 19, i was 20
i let you go at 152, i was only 25

i traded memories and character for a new sassy little sweetheart
i have no regrets, i did the same for you

on your deathbed, you made noises no mechanic had ever heard
i had a beard
i was still alive

they called sloopy
i called you a trooper
i sold you out
for 250 dollars

bon voyage, rest in peace


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